As I lay down in bed, I lazily turned on my phone and listened to Christian songs. It made me meditate and think upon my troubles in life. As long as we are in the world, there are reasons to worry, not that we should, because whatever happens, the Lord is with us. I’ve personally gone through things in life were I felt blessed and supplied by the Lord, it almost feels like everything you need is completely laid at your feet despite the craziness that’s going on.

You just mustn’t let the enemy steal your peace, because once that happens, you give them the right to rule over you, it gives them a reason to steal more from us and believe me, you won’t like it if that happens – health problems, financial problems and even life threatening circumstances becomes more real.

But seriously, how free is freedom? As long as we have freedom to worship the Lord, then, I suppose we are still free. That’s the thing that hit me while I was listening to worship songs.

We have brothers and sisters in harsher places of the world, they are denied their freedom to worship Jesus, and yet they are willing to become lambs to the slaughter just to meet up secretly together to sing songs and worship Him.

That doesn’t mean we must just be contented singing songs and and just reading the Bible. We must grow and exercise our freedom in Christ: defend the poor and the fatherless, commune with the Lord, keep track of the things of the spirit, practice what we are taught and fight the good fight of faith.


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