Keeping Track of the Things of the Spirit (update)

Keeping Track of the Things of the Spirit (update)

This is an update to my earlier blog post How I Learned A Better Way to Keep Track of the Things of the Spirit.

How is your walk with Jesus? I hope it isn’t stagnant and I hope you are still learning new things from the Lord everyday. Keeping track of the things of the spirit is how we continue to grow in Christ. Some people call this flowchart.

Flowchart is what we do when we compile journal entry and form a picture of what’s happening in our spiritual life. In an earlier blog, I shared my idea of how we can summarize flowcharts with overwhelming content into something readable in order to present it better to the people we want to share it with. Today I want to share about effective personal flowcharting as a means to help you grow in your walk with Jesus.

Journaling is a good start, but don’t stop there. Make a weekly review of your journals, compile them in another notebook, this will form the flowchart and help remind you where the Lord is leading you. This is also a sign between you and Jesus, to show Him your sincerity as a disciple who walks the path He lays before you.

I’ve tried flowcharting journals only when I feel it, and trust me, it doesn’t give me the impact it does that a weekly flowchart does. You’d be surprise of how the Lord talks in the entries you’ve recorded. I feel blessed and I now share this with you in hopes that you also may be blessed.

Visit this link for more information about Flowcharting.