Worship is More than Just Singing

Worship is More than Just Singing


Worshippers are people who would go to the extreme to follow after the foot step of the object of their worship. They would do anything for that certain person. In fact, because of their zealousness, their entire lifestyle change to adapt to serve this hero of theirs.

If Jesus is our hero and we claim that we worship Him, maybe it’s time to reflect on how we are living our lives.

Jesus healed the sick, cast out demons and preached the gospel. He was full of the Holy Ghost(Luke 4:1) and had the favor of man and God (Luke 2:52). He had a secret place where He meets with God (Mark 6:31)

His meat was to do the will of God the Father.

Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to accomplish his work. John 4:34

And God delights in setting people free

Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the straps of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke?  Isaiah 58:6

Worship is more than singing, it is a lifestyle:

But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him. John 4:23

The question remains, do we worship Him in spirit and in truth. Does our lives attest to what we claim? Is Jesus truly the one in whom we delight in?


Where Is Jesus When the World is Burning?

Where Is Jesus When the World is Burning?

“So, where is now God when a one-year-old baby, 18-month-old baby is taken from the mother’s arms, brought under a jeep and raped and killed. So where is God?” Where is God when the plight of Syrian women and children who are burned if they refuse to have sex with ISIS militant fighters?
These are the questions of the Rodrigo Duterte, the current President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Even as Christians, I’m sure you have the same questions in life. The purpose of this blog is to answer those questions, and hopefully reach its designated audiences like the President of the Philippines for one.

Before answering your questions, let me first ask you some questions. Where are we during the time the Lord calls to us? How do we live as Christians or heck, even as non-Christians? What are our priorities, or precisely, what do we worship?

I believe it can be seen in our lifestyle:

How much do we know more about celebrities, movies, entertainment, fame, fortune and fun compared who Jesus is personally?

Do we allow the world to dictate what it wants (God does not exist, premarital sex is the new norm, etc) or do we choose to side with Jesus?

My point is, if we side with the world, we side with the prince of the air – the devil. Do you know that the devil comes to steal, to kill and to destroy (John 10:10). Aren’t we suppose to blame ourselves for allowing the devil into our lives? Should we just neglect all the things we are responsible of creating and just blame Jesus for what happened? Let’s be reasonable.

So where is God? God is there as He is everywhere, but He can’t move His hand if we don’t allow Him to. Everyday, He knocks on our doors, waiting for us to accept His help. Will you accept His Lordship and let Him bring justice and mercy to your World?

To all who question the Lord, I beseech you seek my Christ rather than siding with the music of the world. If you pray an honest prayer and tell Him show you His Ways. Let us see if a whole community will be changed for good or not.

Keeping Track of the Things of the Spirit (update)

Keeping Track of the Things of the Spirit (update)

This is an update to my earlier blog post How I Learned A Better Way to Keep Track of the Things of the Spirit.

How is your walk with Jesus? I hope it isn’t stagnant and I hope you are still learning new things from the Lord everyday. Keeping track of the things of the spirit is how we continue to grow in Christ. Some people call this flowchart.

Flowchart is what we do when we compile journal entry and form a picture of what’s happening in our spiritual life. In an earlier blog, I shared my idea of how we can summarize flowcharts with overwhelming content into something readable in order to present it better to the people we want to share it with. Today I want to share about effective personal flowcharting as a means to help you grow in your walk with Jesus.

Journaling is a good start, but don’t stop there. Make a weekly review of your journals, compile them in another notebook, this will form the flowchart and help remind you where the Lord is leading you. This is also a sign between you and Jesus, to show Him your sincerity as a disciple who walks the path He lays before you.

I’ve tried flowcharting journals only when I feel it, and trust me, it doesn’t give me the impact it does that a weekly flowchart does. You’d be surprise of how the Lord talks in the entries you’ve recorded. I feel blessed and I now share this with you in hopes that you also may be blessed.

Visit this link for more information about Flowcharting.

Mr. Christian, You Are Such A Failure!

Mr. Christian, You Are Such A Failure!

Voices condemned you, war against you from the inside. It tells you that you don’t deserved to be called a disciple of Christ.

You’ve done too many bad things, played the hypocrite, bathe in the comfort of indulgence. Never have you shown love to your enemies or give bread to the beggar who was hungry when you had the chance.

Don’t let those voice of condemnation pull you down, keep fighting until you overcome the evil in you and until you crucified the ego that made you act selfishly.

You get to fight another day and correct your mistakes (Lam 3:22-23), and as long as you are trying you will eventually succeed.

How I Learned A Better Way To Keep Track of the Things of the Spirit

How I Learned A Better Way To Keep Track of the Things of the Spirit

Take His Heart Ministries called it Flowcharting. It’s what happens when you try to compile things of the spirit to make sense of it. It could be a reflection about a word, an experience you encountered, things the Lord lead you to when you prayed, a Bible verse, a dream – yes the Lord can speak to people through dreams – in fact a lot of muslims turned to Christ through dreams (in fact, I get rebuked at times through dreams when I was crazy into worldly stuffs like video games and not seeking Him), a vision – certain people have them, etc.

Under normal circumstances, whenever we receive something, we would often just reflect upon it and just forget it. Some people write them in a note and just shelf them, never to be reviewed again. Flowchart helps us keep track of them. But the problem with how I flowchart or some people I knew, is that flowchart can become very long and hard to read. This is especially true if you copy everything word per word and glue them together. It reads like dirty and unpolish diary.

While praying a month ago I think, I learned that it’s much better if you could summarize each notes and just reference them instead. Notes can reference older notes or flowchart, that would feel clean and easier to review.

I have attached a PDF example of what I meant, but reference are mostly verses. I just made it up, I didn’t use a personal file, because well, it’s personal.

You can download my example here to get what I mean.

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Ministering To Christians Suffering Depression

Victory Over Depression Blog


It’s unfortunate that many in the Body of Christ believe that a Christian should never be depressed. This Is a lie from the pit of hell and must be exposed as such. 

Reality clearly shows that Christians do suffer depression. Some have it a very extreme. (I am one of them, who had depression for over three .) It’s necessary for Christians to know the proper way to minister God’s love to their hurting brethren. This is why I’ve written this blog.

One does not wake up one day and have depression. One grows into depression (often over a long period of time). One, then, needs to grow out of depression. The deep pain one experiences needs to be handled gently and with care. Being sensitive and compassionate is a must for proper care and handling. 

One suffering depression is very fragile and can easily crack. There are certain things…

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